About MARS Enthusiasts

We are the original Facebook MARS Enthusiasts camper trailer group. The group is open to anyone who has a Mars Camper or any other kind of camper or caravan – or is just interested in camping. This is an open forum to share tips, hints, tricks, customisation and practically anything camping-related.
  • We are a 3rd party and have no connection or business partnership with Mars Campers
  • For any sales or warranties please contact mars head office or your local dealer.
Please note: This group accepts no kinds of bullying or extremely foul language. We work on a two-strike rule. Two warnings and next your out. We do this because we want genuine and lovely people in our group.

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Please answer all questions when asking for approval to join, we accept all types of caravans, campers, and camping-like people to our group. We do not accept overseas engineering firms and people that live outside of Australia & New Zealand.


Contacting Us

Our email address is marsenthusiasts@gmail.com

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The Enthusiasts Team

  • Peter Woolsey (VIC)
  • Kevin Smith (SA)
  • Deb Smith (SA)
  • Amanda Sloane (NSW)
  • David Sloane (Database Support) (NSW)
  • Amy & Chris Blain (VIC)
  • Adrian Cooper (QLD)
  • Brendan Conway (QLD)
  • Jess Conway (QLD)
  • Sean Big Daddy (NSW)


Past Admins

  • Peter Amendola (VIC)
  • Simon & Tracey Kelly (VIC)
  • Steve Metzroth (QLD)
  • Mick Neale (VIC)
  • Les Anderson (QLD)
  • Matt Broster (SA)
  • Anna Neale (VIC)
  • Adrian & Mel Bourne (SA)
  • Dianne Broelman (SA)
  • Troy Brooks (VIC)
  • Ivor Evans (NSW)


Previous Mars Musters Hosts

  • Kelly Stanton (Qld 2017)
  • Deb & Kevin Smith (SA 18,19,20,21)
  • Peter Woolsey (VIC 17/18/19/21 – NATIONAL 17/18) (QLD 2018)
  • Ivor Evans (QLD 2018 21)
  • Mick and Anna Neale (National 18)
  • Sean & Laura Weaver (NSW 18-19)
  • Simon & Tracey Kelly (Vic Muster 18-19)
  • Roy Moulds (QLD- 19)
  • Graham Moulds (QLD – 21)
  • Peter & Nicole Amendola (Vic 18-19)
  • Chris and Amy Blain (Vic 18, 19)
  • Amanda & David Sloane (National 19,20,21)

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