National Muster 2017 At Jemalong Weir Near Forbes NSW

The first ever national meet up for MARS Enthusiasts. The location was totally random. It was decided at the time from roughly 120 members locations from all around Australia. The 120 member locations were logged in to some software and the most centralised location was Jemalong Weir.

Date: SEP 27, 2017 AT 10 AM – OCT 4, 2017
Location: Jemalong Weir (Forbes NSW)
Host: Peter Woolsey


Suzi & Mark Pallett (NSW)
Matthew Broster (SA)
Peter Woolsey (VIC)
Simon & Tracey Kelly (VIC)
David & Amanda Sloane (NSW)
Scott Gold & Jerre Weaver (NSW)
Mick & Anna Neale (VIC)
Adrian & Larrisa Cooper (QLD)
Robert & Maddie Hicks (NSW)
Dave Miller & Tania Grosser (SA)

MARS Enthusiasts 2017 National Muster Image Gallery