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We are the original Facebook MARS Enthusiasts camper trailer group. The group is open to anyone who has a Mars Camper or any other kind of camper or caravan – or is just interested in camping. This is an open forum to share tips, hints, tricks, customisation and practically anything camping-related.

We are a 3rd party and have no connection or business partnership with Mars Campers. For any sales or warranties please contact mars head office or your local dealer.

MARS Musters

Something we see posted a lot in social media groups is people asking if there are groups that they can get together with to go camping. I also see a lot of questions being asked about what it’s like to go to free camping and how you go about doing it – is there a group they can join to get started?

The answer to both questions is YES! The MARS Enthusiasts Facebook Group has been running Musters since 2017 and to date have completed 17 of them with over 550 attendees. So if you’re interested in coming along, feel free to join up and get involved. There are already Musters in the planning for this year – we’d love to see you at one!

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