VIC Muster 2017 At Glendinning Campground

The 2017 MARS Enthusiasts VIC Muster was held at Glendinning Campground Rocklands VIC between Oct 28 and Oct 30 2017. A big turnout with 17 trailers and caravans and over 30 people.

Date: OCT 28, 2017 – OCT 30, 2017
Location: Glendinning Campground (Rocklands VIC)
Host: Peter Woolsey


  • Dale & Saleena Roberts (VIC)
  • Adrian & Mel Bourne (SA)
  • Brenton & Lauren Twiggy (VIC)
  • Mick & Anna Neale (VIC)
  • Nardia Mashado (SA)
  • Daron & Jessica Robinson (VIC)
  • Matthew & Adele Broster (SA)
  • Simon & Tracey Kelly (VIC)
  • Kevin & Deb Smith (SA)
  • Tim & Rebecca Kootstra (VIC)
  • Peter & Vicki Crutchley (VIC)
  • Jamie Kendrick (VIC)
  • Harry Neilson & Peter Gallus (VIC)
  • Gerard Overweter (VIC)
  • Peter Singline (VIC)
  • Andy & Alyson Williams (VIC)
  • Peter Woolsey (VIC)

About Glendinning Campground

Glendinning Campground is a popular camping area located in the Rocklands Reservoir region of Victoria, Australia. Here are some key details about Glendinning Campground and the surrounding area:

  1. Location: Glendinning Campground is situated near the Rocklands Reservoir, which is located in the Grampians region of western Victoria, Australia. It’s approximately a 4-hour drive from Melbourne, making it a relatively accessible destination.
  2. Rocklands Reservoir: Rocklands Reservoir is a man-made lake that is known for its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. It offers various water-based activities, including swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking. The reservoir is also a popular spot for birdwatching and picnicking.
  3. Camping: Glendinning Campground is one of the camping areas around Rocklands Reservoir. It provides a range of camping options, including powered and unpowered sites, as well as facilities like toilets, picnic tables, and barbecue areas. Camping at Glendinning allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the area while having access to essential amenities.
  4. Fishing: Rocklands Reservoir is renowned for its fishing opportunities, and anglers often visit the area to catch species like redfin, trout, and yellowbelly. You may need a fishing permit or license depending on your age and residency, so it’s essential to check the local fishing regulations.
  5. Water Sports: The calm waters of Rocklands Reservoir make it a great place for water sports such as boating, water skiing, and jet skiing. Many visitors bring their boats or watercraft to enjoy these activities on the lake.
  6. Scenic Beauty: The surrounding landscape is characterized by rolling hills, forests, and granite outcrops. The area is particularly beautiful, especially during sunrise and sunset, making it a great place for photography and nature appreciation.
  7. Wildlife: Rocklands Reservoir and the nearby natural areas are home to a variety of wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies, bird species, and sometimes even echidnas and koalas. Birdwatchers will have plenty of opportunities to spot native and migratory birds.
  8. Accessibility: Glendinning Campground is accessible by car and is open year-round. However, it can get busy during peak camping seasons, so it’s a good idea to make reservations in advance if possible.
  9. Fire Regulations: Given the dry climate of the region, it’s important to be aware of fire regulations and restrictions, especially during bushfire seasons. Campfires may not always be allowed, so it’s essential to check local guidelines before lighting a fire.
  10. Nearby Attractions: The Grampians National Park, with its hiking trails and stunning rock formations, is not far from Rocklands Reservoir and offers additional outdoor recreational opportunities.

Before planning a trip to Glendinning Campground at Rocklands Reservoir, it’s a good idea to check for the latest information, campground fees, and any local restrictions. Enjoy your outdoor adventure in this picturesque part of Victoria!