VIC Muster 2018 At Taylors Campground Lake Eildon

Our second MARS Enthusiasts VIC Muster was held at Taylors Campground Lake Eildon VIC. We had a fantastic time with a large group of 61 people turning up. We had a great camp oven cook off and a roaring fire each night.

After the continued success of the Musters the roadshow continued at  the 2nd Victorian Muster. After last years hit at Glendinning we moved to Taylor’s at Lake Eildon which is on the point of the Delatite arm. Lake Eildon is one of the biggest man made lakes in Victoria and is almost 3 times the size of Sydney harbour.

Date: NOV 16 to NOV 19 2018
Location: Taylors Campground (Lake Eildon, VIC)
Hosts: Peter Woolsey


  • Peter, Tyler, Alessa & Scarlett Woolsey (VIC)
  • Simon & Tracey Kelly (VIC)
  • Kevin & Deb Smtih (SA)
  • Sean Weaver (NSW)
  • Glenn, Kylie, Cooper & Willow Roberts (VIC)
  • Peter & Vicki Chrutchley (VIC)
  • Sam & Jacqui Birch (VIC)
  • Graeme Brierly (VIC)
  • Andrew Le Clercq & Helen Gramberg (VIC)
  • Peter Amendola (VIC)
  • Peter & Tina Singline (VIC)
  • Chris, Amy, Angelique, Trinty & Imogen Blain (VIC)
  • Peter & Harry Gallus (VIC)
  • Nardia Mashado (SA)
  • Greg, Viv, Brodie, Tyson & Liam Lund (VIC)
  • Jamie, Erica, Rhys & Genevieve Kendrick (VIC)
  • Cameron & Kelly Mugford (VIC)
  • Stephen & Julie Woolsey (VIC)
  • Jason Sheppard (VIC)
  • Daron, Jessica, Lucas & Hunter Robinson (VIC)
  • Andy & Alyson Williams (VIC)
  • Paul Young & Jessica Ellwood (VIC)
  • Peter Mcintosh (VIC)
  • Steve Dakin & Helen Hones (VIC)
  • Jason, Zavier, Declan & Harrison Hunt (VIC)
  • Tracey Williams (VIC)

Delatite Arm Lake Eildon

Delatite Arm Lake Eildon

How To Get To Taylors Campground Lake Eildon

For all those who struggle with getting to places I always suggest typing in Mansfield into your GPS. Mansfield is like the hub for everyone in the area. In the summer it’s a vibe for all the campers and water skiers and in the winter it’s vibe changes to snow skiing with Mt Buller only 45mins drive from the town.

Mansfield has two major supermarkets IGA and Foodworks and numerous bottle shops to get your supplies before you head down to the Muster location. Once your finished with Mansfield follow the signs to either Goughs Bay or Mt Buller, drive about 4km out of Mansfield to you come to Mansfield airport. Turn right at Mansfield-woods point Rd travel along that Rd for 9.5km until you hit Piries-Goughs Bay Rd then follow that road for 7.3km and turn right at Walsh’s Rd and keep on that for 13kms and then you’ll be at Taylor’s. Those using google maps type in Taylors camping ground and select the Delatite arm location. There will also be flags out on trees etc if you get lost and the identity of these will be told closer to the date.


  • drop toilets
  • lake access
  • plenty of firewood to hunt for
  • camp right on the lake
  • fishing
  • boating or jetskis
  • no running water (fresh from lake but boil)
  • phone signal
  • water police do patrol area (occasionally) so if boating make sure your fully registered to do so.
  • 4wd tracks. There is bloody heaps of them
  • no rubbish bins. What you take in you must take out

Muster Activities At Taylors Campground Lake Eildon

  • Saturday night group dinner (supplied)
  • The biggest caught fish comp
  • Saturday night games
  • Kids activities (details to come)
  • Jumping castles
  • Outdoor cinema for the kids nightly
  • Saturday night live music


  • Do I need to own a mars camper to attend?
    No you don’t but it would be nice
  • Will there be showers?
    There are no showers at Taylor’s however most of us have hot water systems and shower tents and I’m sure everyone can help
  • Do I need to bring anything for Saturday nights Dinner?
    No you don’t but if you want to bring a sweet or something for desert then that’s ok

2018 MARS Enthusiasts At Taylors Campground Lake Eildon

2018 MARS Enthusiasts At Taylors Campground Lake Eildon

About Taylors Campground Lake Eildon VIC

Taylor’s Campground is a popular camping area located near Lake Eildon in Victoria, Australia. Lake Eildon is a well-known destination for camping, boating, fishing, and outdoor recreation. Taylor’s Campground is one of the camping areas in the vicinity of the lake. Here’s some information about it:

Location: Taylor’s Campground is situated near the town of Eildon, which is approximately 143 kilometres northeast of Melbourne, Victoria.

Camping: The campground typically offers both powered and unpowered camping sites for tents, caravans, camper trailers, and motorhomes. Facilities may include amenities like toilets, picnic areas, and access to the lake.

Lake Eildon: Lake Eildon is a large reservoir known for its boating and water sports opportunities. Visitors to Taylor’s Campground often come to enjoy activities like fishing, water skiing, swimming, and sailing on the lake.

Scenic Beauty: The campground is set in a scenic bushland area, and it can provide a peaceful and natural setting for camping and relaxation.

Please note that campground conditions and facilities can change over time, and it’s essential to verify the most up-to-date information, including camping fees, availability, and any specific regulations or requirements, directly from the managing authority, which is typically Parks Victoria for this area.

It is recommended to visit the official Parks Victoria website or contact them directly for the latest details regarding Taylor’s Campground and camping at Lake Eildon. Enjoy your camping experience and outdoor adventures in this beautiful part of Victoria!

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