ME# Number Member List

Its great to see so many MARS Enthusiasts supporting the project. Its all about bringing everyone together and meeting potential life long friends.

We run this database to help identify our members out on the road and it also helps us to plot Muster locations. It’s another way we are trying to connect more members together. Signing up for a ME Membership is simple! All we ask for is a few small details. Sign Up Here

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ME#First NamePartners First NameStateCamper ModelTow Vehicle
1 Peter VIC ------ LDV T60
2 Clare ACT ------ ------
3 Dylan ACT ------ ------
4 Ivor NSW Caravan Onroad Ford Ranger
5 Bob NSW MARS Extremo Mitsubishi Challenger
6 Clay NSW MARS Extremo Nissan XTrail
7 Mick NSW MARS Extremo ------
8 Debrah NSW MARS Extremo Deluxe Hyundai Santa Fe
9 Sonja NSW MARS Galileo Nissan Navara
10 Clint NSW MARS Galileo Ford Escape
11 Luke NSW MARS Galileo VW Amarok
12 Rachael NSW MARS Maven Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
13 Craig NSW MARS Maven ------
14 Sean NSW Other Soft Floor Camper Mitsubishi Triton
15 Keith NSW MARS Spirit HT ------
16 Andrew NSW MARS Spirit HT Toyota Prado
17 Scott Jerre NSW MARS Spirit - 2Pac Holden Colorado
18 Suzi Mark NSW Caravan Offroad Ford Ranger
20 Geoff NSW MARS Spirit - 2Pac ------
21 Robert Madelaine QLD MARS Spirit - 2Pac Mitsubishi Triton
22 Andrew Suzanne NSW MARS Spirit - 2Pac ------
23 Courtney NSW MARS Spirit Deluxe ------
24 Nick NSW MARS Surveyor ------
25 Thornton NSW MARS Surveyor Toyota Hilux
26 Alan NSW MARS Surveyor Hyundai Santa Fe
27 Nick Cassandra NSW MARS Surveyor Toyota Kluger
28 Matthew Kenneth NSW MARS Surveyor Nissan Patrol
29 Grant NSW ------ ------
30 Cas NSW MARS Titan ------
31 Joe NSW MARS Titan Ford Territory
32 John NSW MARS Titan Toyota Hilux
33 David Amanda NSW Caravan Offroad Nissan Navara
34 Mark Leanne NSW MARS Titan Nissan Patrol
35 Ross NSW MARS Vanguard Isuzu DMAX
36 Steve NSW MARS Vanguard ------
37 Kellie NSW MARS Vanguard ------
38 Jenny Graham NSW MARS Vanguard Mazda Tribute
39 John NSW Caravan Onroad Nissan Navara
40 Steve Nicole NSW MARS Vanguard Nissan XTrail
41 James NSW ------ ------
42 Harold VIC ------ ------
43 Byron Jo NSW MARS Spirit - 2Pac Isuzu DMAX
44 Patrick NSW MARS Titan Mitsubishi Triton
45 Jaydi NSW ------ ------
46 Kellie NT MARS Surveyor Jeep Grand Cherokee
47 Wilhelmus QLD MARS Surveyor Nissan Patrol
48 David QLD MARS Extremo ------
49 Paul QLD MARS Extremo Mitsubishi Pajero
50 Mick QLD MARS Extremo Nissan Navara
51 Rob QLD MARS Extremo ------